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Can Yoga Help to Lose Weight?

When we talk about burning calorie by yoga that could help one with weight loss, very few type of yoga could functions as good as, for example, a boot camp or a spinning session.

The yoga that demands physical activity involving fast movements could burn up to 400 calories an hour max where typical yoga could burn 200-250 calories an hour. Zumba, a form of yoga, has been reported to burn about 650 calories in one hour session.

The truth is calorie burn depends on different individual factors like BMR (basal metabolic rate), body weight, age, muscle-mass, daily routine activity and even on gender where it has been found that men burn more calories than women in a given time in the same session.

With all the limitations mentioned about yoga, this sort of workout still has potential to contribute to weight loss goal due to its numerous benefits. Let’s discuss why you should incorporate yoga in your weight loss regime.

Boost in Strength

Bodyweight exercise is one of the crucial parts of many yoga workouts to improve strength. For example, Chaturanga, a form of yoga, basically involves half pushups that strengthen your pectoral muscles, shoulder muscles and triceps. Other poses normally work on your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and overall, to the core.

This way you are doing some resistance training as they direct you work against gravity. In the process, you build muscle mass followed by long term calorie burn.

Lower stress and better output

Courtesy of Dr. Sara Gottfried, the author of the book The Hormone Cure, has pointed that it’s the stress which play the key role building belly fat. That’s because in stressed situation cortisol levels in your body gets elevated and in response, the feel-good hormone like serotonin gets depleted.

Lower stress and better output
Lower stress and better output

The complexity worsen as this not only aid to store more belly fat, it also affect your sleep quality as well as your cravings for sugars. Yoga is a powerful stress relief option and study has shown that it creates a more relaxed state throughout your body. And when you perform regular yoga, whatever you do for weight loss train simply works much better.

Benefits of social bonding

Watching and following a live yoga class online is just one option, but it’s always worth considering engaging in-person classes as this can benefit you giving opportunity to socialize with others.

In one study it has been found that yoga is a great tool for weight loss because of the yoga community providing non-competitive social support. Many study participants have stated that they felt positively different leading them to reduce more stress while adopting better behaviors in a yoga class compared to what environment they encounter in other health or gym clubs.

Healthier eating habits

As you start incorporating yoga in your workout regime, and start feeling less stress and get better sleep, according to Kingsford, you will likely to pay more attention to your eating habits. People who feel overworked and burned more calories fall into higher risk of over and emotional eating. Researchers found that higher the levels of fatigue, people more likely to go for fast food or related convenient options, resulting in higher calorie intake.

Yoga helps you focus on mindfulness and cultivates a mindset in you that is helpful arresting your craving for all junk food or others that are bad for your stomach.

Self-care, best care

Everyone who is opting to lose weight knows that shedding pounds require way more efforts than gain up.

Though that part is easily ignored by many, focusing less on self-care, healthy eating and exercise habit can completely make the all efforts for weight loss goal ineffective.  Adding yoga routine may not result as a quick calorie burner, but it certainly can benefits you by guiding and familiarizing with healthy habits that provide sustainable and consistent weight loss over time.



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