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The year is already half gone, and you’re still looking all odd with a face filled with acne and wrinkles. Guess you’re still neglecting your skin of all the care it deserves. Well, maybe you might think that following a skincare routine is a thing for the ladies, but you’re completely wrong there. Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to have a skincare routine they follow daily.

Though packed with many benefits, building a skincare routine for most men looks more like a daunting task when starting from scratch. However, we made it look all simple when followed correctly. Below is a step-by-step breakdown of everything you need to get your skincare routine off the ground.

What are the basic Skincare routines for Men?

·      Clear off dirt and oils with a cleanser

It’s highly recommended that men cleanse their faces daily. This is the first step in every effective men’s face skincare routine as it helps in removing dirt, sweat, and debris from the skin. Aside from this, it also aids in clearing off the dirt from pores, thereby reducing the positivity of a breakout. Research shows that men’s skin tends to be a bit oiler than that of women. This is due to sebaceous glands (testosterone), which tend to be higher in men.

To cleanse the face, splash some lukewarm water onto your face, after which you’ll squeeze out the size of a nickel of your preferred cleanser into your palm. Gently rub the cleanser in a circular motion onto your forehead, nose, and cheeks for about 10 mins, and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Note that cleansing is a daily task, and it’s recommended you cleanse at least twice a day.

·      Use Facial Scrub to Exfoliate

Just as animals shed off their fur, the human body naturally sheds off dead skin cells. When not cleared off effectively, these dead cells tend to clog the skin pores, leading to acne breakouts. Exfoliating then stands as the best process for removing these dead skin cells from the skin, and to carry out proper exfoliation, you’ll need a facial scrub.

To exfoliate, gently rub the facial scrub onto your face and let it set in for at least 5 mins. After this, wash off the scrub with lukewarm water.

Unlike cleansing, exfoliating should be done 1-2 times per week, depending on skin type.

·      Use a Toner to balance the pH.

After cleansing and exfoliating, ensure you use a toner to help balance and prepare your skin for the remaining processes of the routine. Toners help clear off impurities that weren’t cleared during the cleansing and exfoliating phase.

Note that there are different toners for different purposes. Some provide rehydration to the skin while others reduce the appearance of pores, so you should know which toner is suitable for your skin before use. Just like cleansing, applying a toner should be a daily task.

·      Treat your skin with a serum.

Adding a serum to your skincare routine is the best way to treat your skin and get relief from certain skin issues you may have. Serums are typically made in a small bottle with a pipette for easy usage.

To apply, you’ll need to squeeze out 2-3 drops of the serum onto your fingertips, then apply to your forehead, nose, and cheeks for 10 seconds in a gentle, circular rubbing motion. This should be more of a daily routine as you’re advised to incorporate it into your day and night routine.

·      Moisturize

Moisturizing is the best way to restore skin’s hydration after clearing off essential oils at the cleansing and exfoliating phase. Opt for a moisturizer today to save your skin from irritation and dryness. For better results, try applying the moisturizer to your skin while it’s still damp. This lets the product trap moisture in your skin to provide the hydration you need.

Aside from facial skin, try moisturizing your hands whenever you wash them. Since your hands are more likely exposed to irritants, they’ll need extra protection. Like cleansing, you’re also recommended to moisturize your skin daily (morning and night).

·      Wrap it up with a Sunscreen

When exposed to sunlight, the sun’s ultraviolet rays tend to burn the outermost layer of your skin, thereby leading to discoloration and premature aging. Using sunscreen helps protect your skin’s melanin. It serves as a shield, preventing the ultraviolet rays from penetrating deep into the skin’s layer.

For deep protection, apply sunscreen every 30 minutes before getting exposed to sunlight. This gives the sunscreen ample time to soak deep into the skin to protect it.


Guess you now have a clue on how to go about your skincare routine as a Gent. The market is saturated with different products, all boasting of possessing the right ingredients. Always go for healthy products that fit your skin type and consult a dermatologist if necessary.

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