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7 Popular U.S. Walks to Enjoy Fall Foliage

Going for a gentle stroll outdoor often provides a superb refreshing opportunity to connect with nature. And when it is about the season fall, nature-lovers often see it trees turning colorful orange and red, a perfect chilly weather to wander around far from the crowd. Whether you want to explore alone, with friends or with family, in fact fall is the perfect season to have fun walking and discover new hiking spots before chilly winter come back and settles in. Let’s look at some of the best walking spots around the country where you can go and explore.

Watkins Glen, New York

George Trail, also known as the Grand Canyon of the East as called by the local people, with the blend of towering waterfalls, the river Genesee and plunging gorges, makes it a one of a kind places to explore in the fall with charming color surroundings in the New York Watkins Glen. In this park, this 7.2 mile trail probably is the most popular but you could also keep the Hemlock trail and the Higgbanks in your short list for sightseeing.

Portland, Oregon

The Hoyt Arboretum, located in the west of Portland, Oregon, is home to one of the most varied collections of trees in the entire Washington state. It’s a perfect choice if you want to make a family outing in 4.7 mile long trail. The area is open all around the year so you can plan for a trip here any convenient times you that suit you.

West Bolton, Vermont

Located near to Burlington, Vermont, Libby’s Outlook is relatively an easy hike with only 2.2 mile long wide trails with gradual incline. You will enjoy the outstanding view of surrounding mountains along with the diverse foliage of Preston Pond if you make the trip in the fall.

Meeker, Colorado

Head out on this 12.8 mile long Marvine Lake Trail near Meeker, Colorado where river crossings, log bridges, canyons and rain forests are few small tastes you will able to enjoy. The trail is good for hiking and backpacking, takes approx. 5 hours to complete and it’s unlikely that you will confront many faces on the way.

Meeker, Colorado

Tofte, Minnesota

This short 2 mile Minnesota trail is considered a moderately challenging route though it offers some spectacular views during the spring and fall. Paper birch, sugar maple, northern white violets and marsh marigolds are some of the foliage that makes the trail an outstanding experience for visitors.

Robertson, Virginia

This 8 mile loop trail near Etlan, Virginia is generally considered as a challenging route yet it’s one of the most dramatic ones. The trail offers outstanding views of Shenandoah National Park and leads up Old Rug Mountain, easily makes it one of the best trails to explore during the fall. Weekends could be busy here and you should be prepared for plenty of climbing on this 5 and half hours long adventure.

North Cascades, Washington

Blue Lake, northern Washington’s one of the most popular yet historic hikes, is easy accessible of just 2.2 mile long, best for beginners or walking with children. The place is very popular for hiking, birding and fishing, so you will not find yourself all alone while exploring. It is recommended to visit this trail between July to November to enjoy the best scenic foliage surroundings out there.



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