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12 Under Budget Workout Ideas

It’s not impossible to stay fit and live a healthy life when there are issues with budgets. These following tips may help you take best care of yourself and staying fit without much expense.

Participate in exercise classes

Exercise classes offer group fitness experiences to fitness enthusiasts who are looking for some social interaction as they workout. Classes range from running, spinning, group jogging, yoga, barre and Pilates. These are great way to meet new, fitness-oriented individuals who share the same ambitions and goals.

Have fun with a deck of cards

One of the easiest ways to stay fit is assigning set of workouts in a deck of cards. There are plenty of options to choose from as several companies have developed exercise playing cards targeting workout lovers, but no need to go out and get one of them if you already have one normal deck of playing cards in your residence. All you have to do is make your own card workout list, a convenient place to do and a workout routine to follow.

Make your body your best pal

Make your body your best pal
Make your body your best pal

You don’t necessarily have to buy fancy gym equipment; you could just use your own body weight as resistance training to stay fit instead. Best options include push-ups, planks, squats, walking up and down, jogging, burpees and many more.

Look for discount sites

Many new gym clubs, especially those that are new, offer great deals and discounts to attract new members in. Based on their deals you can cut off up to 70% of your monthly gym workout expenditure. It is always better to look for those offers online or offline as they are quite common these days.

Use a resistance band

A 2019 research shows that training with resistance band is equally worthy compared to using conventional gym equipment. This easy-to-carry piece of equipment would be your new favorite workout tool and will come in handy if you travel for pleasure or business.

Look for corporate offers

Some companies subsidize and encourage their employee to use the in-house indoor play-ground facilities in order to maintain wellbeing of their employees as they know; sound health is the key to better productivity.

Time for a walk

Nothing is easier than having a gentle stroll outdoor in the nature or even just going out from the busy crowd for refreshment.

Explore the beach

Outdoor running, swimming or surfing are all fun options to grab if you are amongst those lucky one who resides near a coast.

Convert your room look like a gym

Place a large mirror in your room if you have space or hang few posters of your favorite body builders on the wall and you will suddenly feel like having your own mini gym at home.

Try kettlebell

Kettlebell could be small but an effective exercise tool and just one will do instead of having a large collection. Kettlebell adds some more weight resistance when using proper way at an affordable cost and they don’t take much room to store.

Stay hydrated

Whatever workout you do indoor or outdoor, never let sweats settle in your body, rather use towels to wipe out your sweat fast. And do not forget to drink plenty of mineral water to stay hydrated.

Make your own DIY weights

It’s always fun to try out self-made weights from available stuffs at home. You could use a pair of bricks, large water bottles or a bag full of heavy books or other things and start weight resistance training whenever you want at home.


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