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Healthpally discern Spermiogram Test and what to know about it

A spermiogram is used to assess a man’s fertility. As a rule, it is carried out in special fertility clinics.

A spermiogram is used to assess a man’s fertility. As everywhere in the world, many couples in Austria are childless.

The reasons may be many, but in most cases, infertility plays a central role, says chaktty

In earlier times the woman was considered to be the only culprit, today the situation is often very different.

Experience over the past decades has shown that almost half of the couples who wish to have children are childless due to the limited quality of semen.




The older the woman, the more difficult it becomes to conceive, according to sexpally.

The relatively simple examination of the sperm should be carried out immediately if the desire to have children is unfulfilled to quickly get to the bottom of the cause of the childlessness.

The quality of female egg cells often decreases sharply from the age of 35. Studies have shown that the spermiogram only provides partial information.

The proportion of sperm with chromosome breaks within the genetic material is often of great importance.

There are so many factors involved in a detailed semen analysis that it seems extremely confusing.

Many men refuse to start, to have their sperm. It takes a lot of effort, as the inability to conceive is often wrongly associated with impotence.

A semen analysis should be carried out if there is reason to suspect that the male part is throwing family planning into a skid.

The man should not ejaculate three to five days before the semen is released, as advised in healthpally lab.



If it is to work with the desire to have children, then it must be determined why the pregnancy has failed so far.

So pride and fear of the truth are completely out of place, chaktty reinstated.

When preparing for a semen analysis, men should live as normally as possible, following their habits and daily needs. Otherwise, the test image could not provide any relevant current results.


Grace period

Grace period
Grace period

Nevertheless, at least a three-day waiting period should be observed before submitting the semen sample.

Certain abstinence is required on the part of biologists.

The reason why a man should refrain from intercourse for a few days before giving up semen is that more sperm are “used up” due to frequent ejaculation.

However, these are not always reproduced at the same speed. However, a maximum of healthy sperm in the ejaculation is required for the spermiogram.

If the waiting period of two to seven days prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO) is not observed, the spermiogram cannot provide correct results.

Too short a distance to the last intercourse could harm the sperm count, but too long a waiting time would improve the number of sperm cells, but not the mobility of the semen threads.

Since the quality of the sperm threads fluctuates greatly, it is advantageous to perform a sperm analysis two to three times.

This is the only way to rule out the poor quality of the seeds as the cause.

The causes of sterility in men cannot always be determined with a single examination.

Family planning requires a lot of patience and enormous perseverance for couples who want to have children.

Many of those affected often have the motto in their ears: All’s well that ends well.

The psyche and the physique are equally important for propagation.



The seminal fluid is examined in the andrology laboratory. The sperm sample is obtained from the patient using the.

The sample should be in the laboratory for ejaculate analysis within the next two hours.

The dispensing cup and its contents should be kept at body temperature during the test.



These are the main questions that sufferers and specialists grapple with.

There are enough tips to improve the quality of the sperm, but restrictions are often necessary to keep the sperm healthy.

The alcohol lowers the testosterone content and the tobacco inhibits the agility of the sperm with increased consumption.

Excessive stress is pure poison for fertility. Anabolic steroids inhibit sperm formation and various drugs such as antibiotics also affect fertility.




Taking countermeasures means paying attention to the following factors, which can have extremely positive effects on fertility:

An healthy diet promotes sperm quality, therefore, you should Regularly practiced sport noticeably to stimulate the production of  testosterone, sexpally advised.

Furthermore, the right testicle temperature, well-fitting clothing that does not brutally narrow the genital area, and comfortable sex, without any pressure to perform and stress, is always helpful to improve the quality of sperm.



The usefulness of a semen analysis is to take away the willing fathers of the fear of the truth.

The meaningfulness of a spermiogram can be very high when analyzing and diagnosing the available data, values, and results of the fertilizable sperm.

However, the results provided here are not always gratifying. But even simple physical examinations, which focus on the examination of the secondary sexual characteristics and palpation of the testicles, can provide the examiner with initial clues as to the cause of sterility.

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