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3 Hot-Weather Workout Benefits

As commonly seen to many that most people love to do treadmill run in the chilly indoor than doing sweat sessions outside when the weather is hot. But sometimes doing open-air training sessions comes with many advantages if you do heat exercise safely. Training in hot weather is more challenging and simultaneously more beneficial -confirmed by Alex Rothstein, a NY certified instructor and personal trainer.

In the hotter condition your body gets exhausted and fatigue fast as your body needs to work harder than usual but with time, if trained properly it could develop your cardiovascular fitness. Let’s learn more on benefits that can result from hot-weather workouts.

  1. They are good for endurance:

When you work out in hot weather, your body sweats more and the perspiration on your skin helps you cooling off from overheating. This comes from plasma, a major component of our blood system which involves in transporting red blood cell. Repeated workouts in the heat help adapt your body to cool you off more by increasing plasma volume. Eventually, your body retains the fluid it requires to deliver the oxygen to muscles and later you will fell tough workouts far easier.

Do a HIIT beach workout to reap the benefit

Free hand HIIT (High intensity interval training) on the beach is an effective way to have a good sweat fast. Between each HIIT, take ample rest to recover you up as recommended by Tami Smith, a personal trainer in Florida.

To warm you up, first walk for 5-10 minutes, give 10 squats, 10 reverse lunges, 20 jumping jacks and finally a minute plank in sequences. Your HIITs could include 30 seconds of sprints, burpees or high jumping, take a minute rest in between and do 10 repetitions. Finally, do 5 minute walk or yoga to cool you down.

Weather Workout Benefits
Weather Workout BenefitsWeather Workout Benefits
  1. They are great for cardiovascular fitness

Heat training just doesn’t improve body cooling system only; it helps your heart to pumping more blood with every beat and lowers your resting heart rates ensuring greater cardiovascular fitness.

How to reap: Play outdoor games

Rather than muscle-building high intensity weight lifting workouts, heat training exercise like running or walking challenges more to your heart leading great cardiovascular health. Team sports like football, soccer, basketball, beach volleyball are always great places for a start and go. These types of games are fun and engaging giving ample opportunity to rehydrate in the breaks to get more in shape.

  1. Great calorie burner

Because your body has to work extra hard to beat the heat and cool you off in the warmer weather, it causes a bit escalation in the basal metabolic rate helping you burn more calories than doing same amount of workouts in normal conditions. As hotter conditions tire you up fast leading you to less calorie burning, it’s best that you would go for something more appealing and engaging that stick you out for longer.

How to reap: How about a bike ride?

Riding your favorite bike in the sunny breezy day is fun, challenging, refreshing, and great for heart pumping with controlled intensity. It’s a great choice for a vacation workout if there’s opportunity to explore nearby suburbs, a hilly track or a beach. A 400 calorie burn in an hour makes it a top notch cardio along with strengthening your legs, glutes and hips.



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