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Everything You Need To Know Before Calling For Emergency Air Ambulance Services

A health emergency is defined as any serious health condition, injury, illness, or symptom that requires a person to seek immediate medical care to avoid severe harm. Sadly, health emergencies can happen at any time. When this happens, the affected patient needs to gain immediate access to emergency medical services. One of the best ways to do this is by hiring a suitable emergency air ambulance.

  • What exactly are emergency air ambulances & why are they important?
  • What factors should you look for when hiring a suitable flying ambulance service?

You’ll find answers to these air ambulance-related questions as you continue reading this post.

What exactly is an air ambulance?

Air ambulances are specifically created for long-distance medical transfers and air medical evacuation from other countries. These ambulances are specialized vehicles for medical transportation services. With these vehicles, patients can swiftly be transported to various healthcare facilities for intensive health care.

Today, most air ambulance service providers make use of vehicles, such as helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Of course, these vehicles are also equipped with advanced medical equipment and the best healthcare personnel to provide the patient with the best care during transport.

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Benefits of hiring an air ambulance

The major benefit of hiring an air ambulance for your patient is to get quick access to the right health facility. Besides, the best air ambulance services can also offer you the following benefits:

1.    Rapid response

Is your patient currently experiencing a critical health problem, such as trauma, which needs them to be transported to a remote or inaccessible location? If yes, hiring an air ambulance is the quickest and safest way to move your patient to this new location for intensive care.

2.    Specialized medical care

Another good thing about hiring suitable air medical services is that it helps patients quickly access specialized medical care. As earlier mentioned, the best air ambulances often have well-trained personnel and advanced medical equipment. With these offerings, the patient will certainly get the best available health care during transport.

3.    Long-distance transport

One thing you need to know about health emergencies is that time (even a second) counts. Imagine a patient needs to be transferred from a particular location to another (long-distance) location, where they’ll get the best case. Since this is an emergency case, traveling on the road can always put the patient at risk of dying before getting to the destination. To avoid this problem, hiring a flying ambulance is important. No matter how far the health care facility is located, a helicopter or aircraft can always make the journey short and quick.

4.    Drawbacks of ground ambulance

Even if transporting your patient to a new healthcare facility involves a short distance journey, a ground ambulance may still encounter a few issues during transport. These issues include traffic and terrain problems. By hiring a suitable air ambulance,  you can easily avoid these ground ambulance drawbacks and many more.

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Key factors to consider when hiring a suitable medical air ambulance

Like many developed countries, hiring an emergency air ambulance in Costa Rica is certainly possible. However, when doing this, you need to factor in a couple of things to get the best results.

  • First, ensure to check the company’s safety record to understand whether or not it has violated any rules in the past.
  • Also, ensure to check the type of vehicle the company will offer. This factor will help you understand whether the helicopter or aircraft can always travel regardless of the weather. LifeGuard Costa Rica is one reliable air medical services provider that offers all-weather aircraft.
  • Does the service provider offer advanced medical equipment and well-trained personnel? An answer to this question is important to keep you rest assured that your patient will receive specialized medical care during transport.
  • Other important factors worth checking before you go ahead to hire an air ambulance are safety, pilot qualifications, license from the appropriate Costa Rica agencies, healthcare team qualifications, medical doctor, and cost.


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