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How to Maintain Energy for Hiking

In 2021 near 59 million people participated at least once in hiking activities in the United States. Since 2010 this figure was recorded highest representing a significant 80.4 percent growth. Apart from response to recent COVID restrictions, the popularity of hiking has been drastically increased due to its less skill and equipment requirement. Once hooked, of course you can explore your activities to even more adventurous, remote, uncharted paths from just regular trails. Regardless of which type of territory you want to challenge, the importance of maintaining your energy level for all the length of hiking remains the same. Let’s look at what main concerns you need to focus on for hiking.

Trip length

Hiking trails are classically designed in a way where hikers need to slowly finish there trail in couple of hours meaning that they have to stay active for that amount of time in the wild. You are expected to bring foods and drinks according to your adventure length. Depends on stuffs to be carried, get a comfy, sized backpack with multi pockets and water reservoirs. Keep in mind about food-safety; packing dry high caloric and nutritious foods are best as you might need to stay long hours in the sun.

Exertion level

Consider the level of efforts you will have to put on hiking on choosing your snacks. Fruits, for example, are always a rich source of minerals and water; and can go in almost all sort of hiking types. But if you want something that will give burst of immediate energy, protein bars and smoothies are best. 

Inaccessibility and duration

A snack that does not require extra processing and can be consumed immediately is the most effortless way to go.  But a bit complex nutrition requirement comes up if your hike involves a multi-day trip. In that case you might need to make a list that includes minimum utensils, a plate or bowl, napkin clothes and cooking equipment and so forth. Beware of the amount of trashes you make as in the wild you have to carry those with you. Better try to keep them as minimum as possible.

Suggested hiking foods
Suggested hiking foods

Suggested hiking foods

Some of the best suggested hiking foods and snacks include dry fruits, trail mix, electrolyte mix, apples, granola bars, rice cakes, protein bars, crackers with nut, butter or chocolate, jerky, date rolls, and so on. You should always consider your hike goals and nutrition requirement when packing your snacks into your backpack for the hikes. And do not forget to eat and drink consistently to keep controlled your energy and hunger levels.



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