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Common Walking Mistakes You Should Avoid to Lose Weight

A regular walking routine can be an effective way to burn extra belly fat and shape your body. From gentle stroll to intense brisk walk, try to avoid these following common mistakes to aiming weight loss.

You are not changing walk intensity

Any walk even at a gentlest pace is better than doing no workout at all, but study reveals if you walk at brisk pace can shed more calories to slenderize. Initially if you find it hard to speed up walking, then try up your pace with short intervals of 1-2 minutes having a minute recovery time in between. By doing this high intensity workout with intervals can get you reap the benefit of improved metabolism and break the barrier of weight loss challenge.

You walk the same route

If you continue walking the same route over and over again, your body and mind will get adapted to it finding it lesser challenging to overcome. To give your walking program a new taste, try altering your track surroundings couple of times a week. You could try a new park, beach, urban hike, hilly trail or a nearby suburb to motivate your walking experience and feel them exciting every time.

You are not maintaining right form

You are about to lose speed, tired more quickly or get injured if you follow poor walking technique. Since this can impact badly on how far you can walk and how long you can continue walking, working on refining your form is crucial to get better results from walking to shed pounds. When you walk, pay careful attention to proper stride length, perfect arm swing and maintain a good standing tall posture to get the best outcomes.

 Lose Weight
Lose Weight

You overlook proper nutrition

An intense walking or brisk walking often makes you crave for more snacks than normal. You might want to fuel you up with smart snacks, but it’s also essential to focus on your overall diet to make sure you are maintaining a calorie deficit diet to shed weight. Take help from MyFitnessPal app to monitor and track your diet to stay motivated and to reach your health transformation goals.

You are not focusing on hydration

Hydrating and walking should go in harmony. The more you do workout, the more you will sweat and you will lose body water or become dehydrated in the process. Adequate hydration helps the muscles to function more efficiently by facilitating blood circulation by the heart to maintain healthy blood pressure and heart rate. You don’t need to take much water; just the amount of fluid that will satisfy your thirst before, during and after your walking will be enough for you.

You are not walking far enough

Try to walk a bit far than your usual track length at least once in a week. You should have ample time to do so during weekend days. A hike on a trail in the wild with family or friends on weekends will add more fun on your walking for longer distances and eventually, in the process you will lose extra calories to lose weight.


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