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6 More Eating Tips from a Sport Dietician for Next-Level Fitness

When we think about muscle building, shed pound or recovery, a simple change can go long way. Consider following these 6 tips to support your health goals and fitness regimen for better wellbeing.

Carb load during continuous and intense workout

When we take carbs during workout session, we can delay exhaustion, sustain intense activity for longer and eventually execute our performance better. This is because carbohydrates function as primary energy source when we do high intensity workouts. A simple thumb rule is to take 30 – 60 grams carbs per hour continuous training that extend longer than 90 minutes. For this you could take sports gels, drinks, chews, bars or fruits as easy options. Though, during workout carbohydrate consumption is not necessary if your activity is of low intensity, has many breaks or, just for short time.

Focus on sufficient protein to develop muscle mass and strength

To develop muscle mass and strength, each day try eating approximately 1.4 – 2.0 grams of protein per your body weight in kilograms.  The protein doses combined with proper resistance workout program and adequate energy intake can support developing muscles and strength. If you are still not sure what amount of proteins you need, just follow these. First convert your body weight from pounds by dividing with 2.2 to get the kilogram value. Then multiply your kilogram body weight with stated protein range. For example, a person (male) of 165 lbs or 75 kg may require proteins ranges between 105 to 150 grams in a day.

Consume more protein to lose weight

Protein uptake needs to be increased when trying to lose weight. A common consequence of weight loss is loss of strength and muscle.  A good combination of resistance training with high protein intake can save more muscle. While individual requirements may vary, experts recommend to intake as high as 2.4 grams of protein daily per body weight in kilograms during weight loss.

Consume more protein to lose weight
Consume more protein to lose weight

Increase carb intake within same day workout session

Athletes who perform two training sessions in a day should prioritize carb intake immediately after first session. Taking carbs within the first hour, and each hour of first couple of hours after workouts, allow rapid carbohydrate restoration within muscles. Consider taking 1 – 1.2 grams of carbs per your kilogram body weight within first hour after workouts if you are planning to do two strenuous or high intensity sessions in a day.

Keep an eye on your sweat loss rate

When we do workout, our body produce sweat to help regulate our body temperature. But if our body loses more than 2% weight from sweating, performance begins to drop. To determine how much weight you are losing sweating, first weigh yourself right before training session and then immediately weigh again when you are done training. If you see you are losing more than 2% of body weight, you may need to consider taking more fluids during your workout sessions to move forward.

Do not forget to rehydrate properly after each workout session

Once you have completed your workout sessions, it’s time for you to rehydrate properly to prepare your body for rest of day and also for next workout session. Generally a pound of sweat is equivalent to 16 ounces, but it is better to drink fluids closer to 20 – 24 ounces for every pound of sweat you lost within first couple of hours of your training session to keep yourself in optimal hydration level.



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