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5 Reasons why Walking Is Better for Energy Than Coffee

It’s easier to get habituated with a morning coffee as first thing in the morning and then, with a post-work coffee in the evening. Instead, get your favorite pair of sneakers, because research shows walking can give you better energy boost than drinking a cup of coffee.

A study conducted by a research team at the University of Georgia found that people who walked at low to moderate speed for 10 minutes felt more energized than when they take around a half cup of coffee for energy. Another study shows that people feel more energized when they walk for more than twenty minutes.

Let’s look at why walking is better to get boost in energy than a cup of coffee.

Walking improves overall health

Walking is not just a quick solution to feel more alert, it’s also an outstanding way to improve and maintain your health when you do it regularly. Regular walking helps you feel more conscious, improves mood, memory function and cardiovascular health, says Dr. John-Paul Rue, a medicine specialist in sports at Mercy Medical Center in Maryland.


It helps to modify your setting

When we get our mind set to walk, we alter our surrounding, which gives us a fresh mental reset, says Alysa Boan, a registered personal trainer in Dallas. Often, when we lack focus or feel exhausted, it’s because of the stress we get, she adds. Outing for just 10 minutes walking can aid you de-stress better than a cup of caffeine rich coffee, she explains.

It will improve your sleep quality at night

A late afternoon or evening coffee can spoil your sleep, meaning that you will start the following day while stressed and less productive, says Joselyne John, RN, a sleep science certified coach in British Columbia. Walking can help you get better quality sleep at night, leading to get more focus and energy. Walking gives the opportunity to explore outdoor in the light that helps regulating your circadian clock ensuring quality sleep at night, she adds.

Walking doesn’t give any side-effects

A short walk for few minutes doesn’t present any elements to your body which can cause side effects, either negative or positive. Although caffeine in the coffee, when taken in moderation, has been linked to focus and alertness. But too much consumption of caffeine can cause health issues like nausea, jitters, insomnia and irritability – none of which you will get as a brisk walk side-effects.

Walking doesn’t give you any calories

If you are drinking normal soda or a cup of coffee that is not black, your most favorite cup of coffee could be a calorie bomb for all those added milk and sugar. Mental stresses from tons of brain storm and hectic physical activities often force us to go for a caffeinated beverage as a remedy to quick de-stress. Instead of going for black coffee, habit of regular sweetened milk coffee could lead to gain weight, while regular walking, on the other hand, is an effective way to support weight loss.


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