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4-Week Workout Plan Without a Gym

4-Week Workout Plan Without a Gym

We understand that we must adjust and keep moving, regardless of what the new standard for our gym-going future turns out to be. The goal of this program is to safely and successfully keep you moving while using the exercise equipment you already have at home or wherever you are.


Many of us still fall into a routine of the same routine every day, despite having access to the best equipment in the world. Since HIIT is so well-liked, many people push themselves hard every day without giving themselves enough time to recover. It is crucial to have diversity in a week’s worth of workouts, complete with peaks, valleys, and enjoyment, regardless of your circumstances.

4-Week Workout Plan Without a Gym

A strategy to accomplish it is as follows:



Start your week out with a tough resistance-training exercise, physically ideally coming right after a day off to allow for maximal effort. Building general strength and mastering your basic movement patterns are the objectives of this session.


STRENGTH SET (See “Exercises” below)


  • Squat using just one leg (each side)
  • Bent-over rowing (with weight) (each side)
  • Single-leg glute bridge (each side)
  • T-Pushups (alternating sides)
  • Standing lunges (each side)
  • Front plank
  • Side planks (each side)




Week 1: Perform one set of exercises for 30 seconds each.


Week 2: Perform each exercise twice for a total of 30 seconds.


Week 3: Three sets of each exercise lasting 30 seconds.


Week 4: Perform one set of each exercise until it becomes impossible.



This is your chance to try something new and enjoyable. This could be anything you enjoy that still gets you moving and breathing, depending on your particular situation, such as riding a bike, jumping rope in the backyard with your family, streaming a fun dance video, running, taking a strenuous hike, or jumping rope alone or with your significant other.



This workout’s objective is to test your anaerobic cardiovascular capacity. The focus of this shorter exercise session (25 minutes) is on pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion during the working intervals and recuperating as much as you can during the rest intervals. You are free to choose the type of cardio. Excellent possibilities include jogging, stair climbing, rowing, and stationary bike. The RPE scale of 1–10 will be used to plan this particular day.

Perform a simple (but demanding) 1 minute on (RPE 7–10), 1 minute off (RPE 3-4) cardio interval for 25 minutes following a 5-minute warm-up


DAY 4: Strength in function

Focusing on mobility, stability, balance, posture, alignment, and core strength is the aim of today. The movements are equally as beneficial, if not more so, as on the usual strength days, despite the intensity being reduced. Perform each exercise for one minute, and during the transition to the subsequent exercise, take a break (so keep going).


SET OF FUNCTIONAL STRENGTHS Exercises is listed below.

  • Extensive pec
  • stretch your hip flexors
  • Walls move
  • Bear Crawling
  • a one-legged hip hinge (each side)
  • McGill Y/T/W/Ls curl up
  • Dog bird (each side)




First week: once through

Second week: twice through

Third week: three times through

Fourth week: four times through



Today is the day to strengthen your cardiorespiratory system. The cardio workout lasts 45 to 60 minutes longer than the interval cardio day but is less intense. Enjoy your preferred cardiovascular exercise at a level where you can converse with friends while performing it; nevertheless, if you increase it just a little, conversing without taking deep breaths would be difficult (RPE 4–6).




WEEK 1:45 minutes

WEEK 2: 50 workouts, complete with peaks, valleys, and enjoyment, regardless of your circumstances.


A strategy to accomplish it is as follows:






On this day, you go over the strength-training routine you used to start the week. The objective is to move better, cleaner, tighter, and with greater resistance, because the workouts will be more comfortable (if possible).


BUILD YOUR STRENGTH (See “Exercises” below)


  • One-legged squat (each side)
  • Row while hunched over (each side)
  • The glute bridge on one leg (each side)
  • T-Pushups (alternating sides)
  • Lunges when seated (each side)
  • Front squat
  • Side rails (each side)




Week 1: Perform each exercise once for 30 seconds.

Week 2: Two sets of each exercise lasting 30 seconds.

Week 3: Three sets of each exercise lasting 30 seconds.

Week 4: Perform one set of each exercise until it is impossible (the point at which you can no longer complete a rep with good form).



Even though designated for “rest,” it would be a good idea to integrate some flexibility exercises, foam rolling, or even yoga to speed up your recuperation.


Additionally, if these methods are followed carefully, skin fitness consistently, and within the allotted period, you will see many favorable changes in your body.

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