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Before and After Joint Replacement at Performance Physical Therapy

Are you considering joint replacement surgery? With thousands undergoing hip and knee replacements each year, it’s crucial to understand the journey both before and after the procedure. At Performance Physical Therapy, we’re your partners in this transformative process, ensuring you get back into the game of life stronger than ever.


  1. Understanding Joint Replacement Trends

    • CDC statistics on hip and knee replacements in the US.
    • Rising numbers of joint replacements among ages 45-65.
  2. Pre-Joint Replacement Preparation

    • Importance of pre-surgery physical therapy.
    • Customized exercise programs for strengthening and flexibility.
  3. Post-Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

    • Early-stage rehabilitation techniques.
    • Gradual progression to restore full range of motion and functionality.
  4. Comprehensive Care Approach

    • Individualized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs.
    • Integration of cutting-edge technologies for optimal recovery.

Summary: The surge in joint replacement surgeries underscores the need for comprehensive pre- and post-operative care. At Performance Physical Therapy, we bridge the gap between surgery and success, offering tailored programs that strengthen, rehabilitate, and empower you to reclaim your active lifestyle. Trust us to be your partners in the transformative journey of joint replacement.


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