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7 Simple Nighttime Hacks for Weight Loss

Anyone would agree that there’s no shortcut to achieve long term weight loss. It requires dedication, consistency and self-beliefs on each good lifestyle habits you create to abide over the long haul. Try these simple nighttime hacks to successfully end your day for the next day that needs less than 20 minutes.

Keep a food diary

By keeping records of what you are going to eat on next day, you have got a food logbook for what’s to come. This comes in exceedingly handy to those who wants to have a macrobiotic view on their hectic schedules and to those who have to deal with constantly moving lifestyle. This also makes it stress-free to track your food during the whole day using an app like MyFitnessPal since your chances of forgetting meals are less as you are keeping a reference.

Prep an easy breakfast

Instead of skipping first meal of the day and over eat on the next meal; there are lots of other healthier options that can be easily planned in advance.  Overnight oats, for example, are good to go for a large breakfast batch. They are superb source of soluble fiber to keep you satisfied till lunchtime. Largely, greater satiety leads to fewer calorie intakes, thus oats aiding to shed pounds and maintenance.

Plan for lunch and snacks

Planning for other meals shouldn’t take long if you do it on the weekend but there are other things to grab like taking advantage of leftovers and stock them in advance. You could keep aside some pre-chopped fruits and vegetables you use for salads or whatever whole grains and proteins you have now to use them later as in for lunch or snacks to save your time in future.

Select your outfits

Taking time to choose the best outfits in the morning for office or other outdoor activities could be annoying to you. That’s why to ensure a smooth morning you could plan during nighttime before bed about what to wear for tomorrow’s office which will keep you motivated throughout the day.

7 Simple Nighttime Hacks for Weight Loss
7 Simple Nighttime Hacks for Weight Loss

Use your gadget as reminder for workouts

Assign few minutes at night to set your mobile reminder app to schedule next day workout time. This way you are prioritizing your workout plans like a scheduled business work. Moreover, by doing so you are less likely to skip your fair shares of day’s workouts.

Spend some time in relaxing activities

Each hectic day makes our body and mind exhausted.  To prepare your mind and body refreshed for the next day you could participate in some relaxing activity. Some activities like deep breathing, yoga, gentle walk, few minutes’ meditation or even prayers can help us begin the next day refreshed and set to face anything.

Have quality sleep

A quality sleep impacts big time on the amount we eat the entire day and our overall food cravings.  Lisa Hugh, RD, suggests that to get a deep better quality sleep at night you should avoid staring at screens like phone, tablets, laptop, TV or desktop at least an hour before bed as they can disrupt your sleeping pattern badly.


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